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March 23

March 23, 1951 – The Goofy Short Film Home Made Home is Released to Theaters


“Since the beginning of time, man has been possessed with the desire to have a roof over his head.”

On March 23, 1951, the Goofy short film Home Made Home was released to theaters. It was directed by Jack Kinney, with story by Milt Schaffer and Dick Kinney.

On the top of a hill, Goofy is seen building the frame of a house, sawing one side of a board. He realizes that if he keeps sitting on the side he’s cutting off, he’ll fall, so he quickly changes, only to fall anyway. He then pulls out his blueprints, only to be completely rolled up inside and tangled in them. He tries to nail the blueprints down, but the sheets just tear up the boards and trap him again. He then uses a level on a board, and has a hard time keeping it straight, although he does find a trio of goldfish residing inside.

Goofy carefully carries a sheet of plate glass, with humorous results

Goofy carefully carries a sheet of plate glass, with humorous results

Goofy pulls out a sheet of plate glass, and slips on a banana, on a pipe, and on a board, but the glass miraculously stays intact and places itself in the window frame. It moves around when he accidentally touches it, and it finally breaks when he walks right through it after he thinks he’s cleaned it. Goofy then tries to paint the house, with paint buckets open everywhere. He gets in a battle with the spray painter, which attacks him like a snake, spraying him with as much paint as possible, sending Goofy running all over the house. Once the house is completely covered in yellow paint, Goofy looks up to see that his house is complete, but as he lays down the welcome mat, with his neighbors arriving to welcome him, the house completely falls apart.


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