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March 21

March 21, 1952 – The Chip ‘n’ Dale Short Film Two Chips and a Miss is Released to Theaters


“Little boy, with your cute little ways I am yours, for the rest of my days.”

On March 21, 1952, the Chip ‘n’ Dale short film Two Chips and a Miss was released to theaters. It was the second of three shorts made for the Chip ‘n’ Dale series. The song that Clarice sings is “My Destiny” by Bill Eckstine, a famous balladeer in the era of swing music. The short was directed by Jack Hannah, with story by Nick George and Bill Berg

In the middle of Central Park, Chip and Dale are preparing for bed, scoffing at the noisy nightlife of the city, claiming it’s not for them. As the two settle down for the night, Chip secretly pulls out a note from under his pillow from a girl named Clarice. Chip waits for Dale to fall asleep and gets ready for his date once Dale sleepwalks out of their home. Unbeknownst to Chip, Dale is also preparing for a date with Clarice. The two make their way to the Acorn Club, and head straight to Clarice’s dressing room to give her a bouquet of flowers. There, the two discover that they are chasing the same girl, and begin to fight over her.

Chip and Dale compete musically for Clarice's attention before settling on serenading her with a duet

Chip and Dale compete musically for Clarice’s attention before settling on serenading her with a duet

Clarice seems to find the fighting over her amusing more than anything, and is soon called to the stage to perform her song. The pair go crazy over her performance, and continue to try and outdo the other for her attention. At one point, Chip falls over the piano while trying to catch a flower Clarice threw to the duo, but brightens when he realizes he can help her performance. She is delighted by his playing, and Dale is jealous until he plays a nearby cello. The two begin to duel musically, much to Clarice’s delight, and she gives them both a kiss. Smitten, the two begin to serenade her with a duet. The short ends with Clarice tricking the two into kissing each other when they try to reach for her.


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