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February 7

February 7, 1942 – The Mickey Mouse Short Film Mickey’s Birthday Party Premieres in Theaters


“He’s coming! Shhh! Hide!”

On February 7, 1942, the Mickey Mouse short film Mickey’s Birthday Party premiered in theaters. The short is considered a remake of the 1931 black and white short film The Birthday Party, although the earlier version did not include Donald Duck and Goofy. The 1942 short was directed by Riley Thompson.

Minnie is peering out her door’s peephole, then turns back to everyone inside and tells them to hide, as Mickey is approaching. Everyone scrambles around to find a place to hide while she reapplies her makeup. When she opens the door, Mickey steps in, asking for a little kiss. Minnie flirtatiously fends him off, and when Mickey tries to kiss her, everyone jumps out yelling “Surprise!” startling him. They wish him happy birthday, and Minnie then whispers to Goofy to go bake the cake.

Mickey dances with his cane while Minnie plays the new electric organ

Mickey dances with his cane while Minnie plays the new electric organ

Mickey is asked to open his present, and inside is a brand new electric organ. Mickey sheepishly says that he doesn’t deserve it, and Donald says that they know that. Mickey sits down to play the organ, although he’s not sure how to play the newfangled instrument. Minnie decides to play the organ while Mickey entertains their friends with his dancing. In the kitchen, Goofy has been distracted by the music and dances with the mop before checking on the cake. Unfortunately, when he uses a straw to test if it’s fully baked, the cake deflates like a balloon. Minnie checks in on him, and Goofy pretends that everything is just fine.

The party continues, with Donald dressed in a sombrero and leading a conga line. Goofy tries to bake a new cake, but has another failure. Minnie checks in again, and tells Goofy to hurry up. Donald dances with Clara Cluck, while Horace Horsecollar and Clarabelle Cow partner up. Goofy quickly tries to create yet another cake, cooking it at a setting called “volcano heat,” and the cake erupts all over the kitchen. Goofy becomes distraught, until he comes up with an idea and speeds out of the house, returning with a store-bought cake. Everyone begins to sing to Mickey, when Goofy trips and spills the cake all over the birthday mouse.


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