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January 20

January 20, 1950 – The Donald Duck Short Film Lion Around Premieres in Theaters


“Now, you brats get out of here. And stay out!”

On January 20, 1950, the Donald Duck short film Lion Around premiered in theaters. This film also stars Donald’s nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie. The short was directed by Jack Hannah, with story by Bill Berg and Nick George.

In the woods, one of Donald’s nephews is tracking a mountain lion. As the mountain lion gets ready to pounce, he falls to the ground, and out bursts the other nephews, who had dressed up as a mountain lion as part of a game. As they all laugh at their game, they hear Donald signing from the cabin, and watch as he places a freshly made pie on the windowsill. The nephews put their heads together to try to fool their uncle. One of them runs to the cottage, crying out for help, while the two in their mountain lion costume run after him. Donald quickly grabs his shotgun and makes his way after the mountain lion. Unfortunately, the “mountain lion” scares Donald badly enough to make him drop his gun and flee.

The nephews' costume rips away, revealing the trick they played on their Uncle Donald

The nephews’ costume rips away, revealing the trick they played on their Uncle Donald

After scaring Donald away, one of the nephews grabs the pie, ready to share with his brothers. Meanwhile, Donald’s costumed nephews chase him up a tree. Unfortunately, the top half of the costume gets caught on a tree branch, revealing the ruse to Donald, who is furious. He chases the nephews and retrieves his pie. As the nephews walk away, they come across a real mountain lion. As the nephews flee, the lion turns his attention to Donald, seeing him as a slab of meat. He pounces on Donald, but Donald, thinking this is another prank from his nephews, quickly gets the upper hand and begins to give the lion a spanking. Furious at this treatment, the lion tries to find a way to get back at Donald, when he spots the pie on the windowsill. He cuts himself a piece before Donald attacks.

The lion bursts into the house for the pie, and Donald tries to punish his nephews again, when they appear in the window, holding their costume. Finally understanding that a real mountain lion is in his house, he tries to hide, but the lion pursues him. Donald climbs up the chimney and into the tree, with the mountain lion catching up to him. As Donald begins to pray, a pie lands in his hands, which he quickly feeds to the mountain lion. Another pie appears, followed by another; the nephews send pies via catapult to Donald so that the duck can distract the lion from eating him.

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