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June 25

June 25, 1928 – The Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Short The Fox Chase is Released to Theaters

On June 28, 1928, the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit short The Fox Chase was released to theaters. It was the 22nd Oswald short film, and was one of the last Oswald shorts produced by Disney. It was produced at the same time that Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks were working in secret on the first Mickey Mouse cartoon, Plane Crazy. The Oswald short would later be remade as The Fox Hunt in 1931.

It’s the day of the big fox chase, and Oswald seems to be having trouble controlling his horse. The fox in question is standing in front of the dogs, taunting them as they wait behind the starting line. The horn sounds, and everyone stands at attention, waiting for the signal. The gun fires, and everyone heads out.

Oswald’s horse has a good laugh at Oswald’s expense while the rabbit is unable to mount

Unfortunately for Oswald, his horse is unable to head out with everyone else, and bucks Oswald off, laughing at the rabbit’s misfortune. As Oswald tries to leap onto his steed, the horse blocks him, and Oswald once again finds himself on the ground. After several failed attempts, Oswald tries to be clever by tying the horse’s tail to a nearby ladder and using it to mount, but the horse foils him again, and Oswald is dragged across the field, still clutching the ladder.

While the fox is having a good time outsmarting the dogs chasing him, Oswald is still trying to mount his horse. The horse finally stops, and Oswald, his legs completely stretched out, is no longer in the mood for games. He finally mounts the temperamental horse and continues with the chase. The fox is still able to outsmart his pursuers, but ends up running right past Oswald, who turns around suddenly. As horse and rider tumble over a stump, Oswald has become the “horse,” with his horse riding him. With another strange turn of events, Oswald then ends up riding one of the dogs chasing the fox, and jumps up and down with joy that he’s almost caught the cunning critter.

The two dogs that surprise the fox by hiding in the tree are fooled once again, and watch with surprise as the fox laughs at them

Two other dogs spot the fox heading their way and hide in a nearby tree, jumping out as the fox runs by, and all three start fighting. The fox manages to sneak out and laughs at the two dogs’ folly. The fox hides in a log and manages to keep outsmarting the dogs. When Oswald comes along, he comes up with an idea to drive the fox out, only to discover that a skunk has been hiding in the log instead. When Oswald and the two dogs run away in fear, the skunk turns to the audience and reveals that he’s only wearing a costume, and is really the fox, who laughs, as he’s won the chase.

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