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June 24

June 24, 1949 – The Pluto Short Film Bubble Bee is Released to Theaters

On June 24, 1949, the Pluto short film Bubble Bee was released to theaters. It was directed by Charles Nichols, with story by Milt Schaffer and Eric Gurney. The short features Spike the Bee, who usually tormented Donald Duck in various short films.

Pluto is playing with a ball in the park, when the ball lands in a patch of flowers. As Pluto leaps in after the ball, it bounces out and rolls down a path. Pluto looks around for his toy, and spies it on the top of a tall hedge. He leaps after it, only to find that he’s leapt on a bubble gum machine that looks like the design of his ball. Smelling the sweet scent of gum, Pluto decides he wants some. He looks around sneakily, then tries to shake some out of the machine.

Pluto sees Spike successfully rig the machine to retrieve a gumball

As he tries and fails with many methods to get the gum, Spike the Bee appears, buzzing around the machine, and Pluto backs away in trepidation. He watches as Spike easily rigs the machine to produce a gumball. As Spike flies away, he is weighed down by his heavy prize, and Pluto is able to follow him closely. Pluto watches as Spike throws the gumball in his beehive and flies away. With a devilish grin, Pluto tries to bat the gumball from the hive, only to knock the hive down. It breaks open, revealing about twenty pieces of gum hidden inside.

Pluto looks hungrily at his prize, and greedily laps up each piece and begins to chew them all at once. When he tries to open his mouth, the chewed gum keeps his mouth closed, and he is unable to swallow it. He continues to chew, and it rather surprised when a bubble comes out of his mouth. When he sneezes, bubbles to blow through his teeth; they all pop and cover his face with gum, but he is able to get the gum back in his mouth and keeps chewing. He then blows out a bubble, lets it fly in the air, and plays with it as a new toy.

Spike uses the gum that trapped him as a tool to trap Pluto, wrapping him up in strands of chewed gum

Meanwhile, Spike returns with another gumball, only to discover that his house is gone. He finds the ruins on the ground, as well as the footprints of the guilty party, and follows the tracks. He spies Pluto blowing bubbles, and flies after the dog in a rage, kicking him. As Pluto tries to bark, he ends up blowing another bubble, trapping Spike in the gum. Pluto lets the bubble go free, then pops it, watching in amusement as the bee is helpless in midair. The gum lands on Pluto’s nose, and Spike uses it as a tool to attack the dog, wrapping the dog’s legs in chewed gum. Spike continues chasing Pluto, and Pluto ends up accidentally swallowing the bug, who is trapped in another gum bubble. Exhausted from their chase, Spike finally gets his in the end, stinging Pluto and sending him yelping from the park.

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