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April 27

April 27, 1951 – The Goofy Short Film, Cold War, is Released to Theaters

“Now, look, Geef, a cold is nothing to be sneezed at. Beat it!”

On April 27, 1951, the Goofy short film, Cold War, was released to theaters. As Goofy is seen as an “everyman” sort in many of these shorts, he was given an “everyman” name: George Geef, which is used throughout by the other characters. The short was directed by Jack Kinney, with the story by Dick Kinney and Milt Schaffer, and Goofy being voiced by Pinto Colvig.

Dejected, Goofy is sent home from the office, thanks to his cold

The short opens with a narration on how to spot the carrier of the common cold: a virus easily identified by his red nose. We then see Goofy at his desk on a cold winter’s day, and he opens the window to get some air, inadvertently inviting in the cold carrier. Goofy then lets out a loud sneeze, which is heard by his boss. His boss demands that he take his cold out of there Goofy protests that he doesn’t have a cold, but he loses the argument by letting out another powerful sneeze. Defeated, Goofy leaves the office, while the boss sprays the room with sanitizer to kill the germs.

Goofy comes home, looking for a little sympathy, when he spies on a nearby table a note from his wife, informing him that she’s playing bridge at her friend Mabel’s, and dinner is in the ice box. He cries out, to no one in particular, that he has been deserted, and makes his way to the bed to lie down. The cold carrier is seen tormenting poor sick Goofy, using his nose for a punching bag, among other indignities. Goofy resolves to stay strong, but is reluctant when he has to take cold pills, and finds he is unable to swallow the pill. After fighting with it, it falls down the drain, and poor Goofy is without relief.

Goofy relaxing in bed as his wife continues her care of him

Goofy is in the kitchen, soaking his feet in a hot tub, when his wife returns, asking what he’s doing home. He tries to explain that he has a cold, but she isn’t listening, and continues to tell him about her day. She then accuses him of not listening – he’s tried, and his ears have gotten clogged from the cold – and realizes that he’s come down with a cold. She pushes him into bed and begins to take care of him with every remedy known to man, with comedic results. The cold is sent packing as Goofy sleeps peacefully, and the announcer lets us know that two weeks later, Goofy is well once more. Unfortunately, when he opens the window at work again to let in some cold air, the cold carrier comes racing back, causing him to sneeze loudly once again.


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