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November 5

November 5, 1948 – The Donald Duck Short Film Three for Breakfast is Released to Theaters


“So that’s the play, is it?”

On November 5, 1948, the Donald Duck short film Three for Breakfast premiered in theaters. It was directed by Jack Hannah, with story by Nick George.

It’s a beautiful morning in suburbia, and Chip and Dale are fast asleep with their nut storage in a house’s stovepipe. While they wake up, Donald is busy in his kitchen cooking breakfast. The steam from the pancake griddle rises through the pipe, alerting the chipmunks, who hungrily decide to get some pancakes for themselves. The pair sneak into the kitchen, and manage to create a makeshift pancake grabber with a fork and a string. An annoyed Donald quickly catches on and tricks them with a rubber pot holder instead on a real pancake. Donald then gets the idea to use rubber cement to trick and distract them, but the rubber cement pancake ends up smacking Donald in the face. The chipmunks flee into the toaster, which Donald then turns on. He catches them when they pop out, but the pair manage to escape after taking more pancakes, including the rubber cement one. Donald then attempts to tie the rubber cement around his house to pull them back and keep his breakfast; Dale uses butter to trip up Donald and send him flying all around the house.


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