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October 7

October 7, 1991 – The Disney Vacation Club Preview Center Opens


“We’re a vacation club. We’re calling ourself something different. We are different.” – Mark L. Pacala, Vice President and General Manager of Disney Vacation Development, Inc.

On October 7, 1991, the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Preview Center opened in Walt Disney World. The plan for the Disney resort inclusive time-share program had been in development since 1990, but with an added Disney twist to make sure that it didn’t attract the same negative attention that came with other time-share programs. To show off the perks of the program, the Preview Center was built, where interested guests could see a short video presentation about the points program before seeing a model of the buildings with a specific DVC Guide. Guests could also be escorted from their resorts to the Preview Center and back in a special DVC tour bus. The initial program provided many free perks to drive up interest, including free passes into the park. The program has since been considered a success, with  13 resorts worldwide part of the program.


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