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June 28

June 28, 1940 – The Pluto Short Film Bone Trouble is Released to Theaters


On June 28, 1940, the Pluto short film Bone Trouble premiered in theaters. It is the second short film in Pluto’s individual series. This short features the first appearance of Pluto’s nemesis and rival for Dinah the Dachshund’s affections, Butch. The short was directed by Jack Kinney, and is notable for being his first short film as a director.

Pluto is snoozing away in his doghouse when he is woken by a rooster’s crowing. He spies his empty dog dish, with the birds having eaten all of his food, and hears a strange sound from the other side of the fence. He sees a bone in Butch the Bulldog’s bowl, and decides to dig under the fence and steal the bone. As Pluto tries not to wake Butch, he runs into difficulties in acquiring the bone. As he gets it and starts walking away, he is unaware that Butch has woken up and is in pursuit. Pluto comes face to face with Butch and tries to pretend nothing has happened, but then decides to try and make a break for it. The chase is on all across town and in a carnival, but Pluto manages to lose him in the hall of mirrors. As Pluto passes by each mirror, his appearance changes, much to his surprise. His reflection in one mirror frightens him, as does another. He plays around with the mirrors, amusing himself with each distortion. When he spies Butch, the chase begins again, but Pluto manages to use the mirrors to his advantage to scare Butch enough to send him flying away.

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