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June 1, 1924 – The Alice Comedy Alice’s Fishy Story Premieres in Theaters


“Cease…!! We’re on a strike!!”

On June 1, 1924, the Alice Comedy Alice’s Fishy Story was released to theaters. It was the fifth Alice Comedy produced, and starred Virginia Davis as Alice.

The short begins with Alice at the piano, changing the clock to make it look like her piano practice is over so she can go fishing with the boys. Her mother heads outside to tell the gang that Alice can’t go with them, and Alice pouts as she watches from the window. She sneaks out the window to go fishing anyway, after getting her dog to play the piano for her. Alice and her friends head to the fishing hole, and they quickly begin to catch fish – except for Alice. She starts to tell a story about being at the North Pole with Julius, and in her daydream, it’s announced that fishing is no longer possible due to the Arctic being completely frozen. Julius gets an idea and drills a hole into the ice with his tail, then uses it as bait to catch fish. Unbeknownst to Julius, the fish are refusing to be caught, and they trap Julius under the ice. Julius is saved by a fisherman, and explains the situation to Alice. Alice comes up with an idea when she spies an abandoned ship stuck in the snow, and the pair rush to drop tobacco into the water. When the fish come up to spit the tobacco, Julius hits them over the head and pulls them out, ensuring that there will be enough fish for the entire continent. The boys, however, don’t believe her story. Unfortunately for the group, they are fishing where they aren’t allowed, and are chased away from the fishing hole.


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