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May 19, 1934 – The Mickey Mouse Short Film Gulliver Mickey is Released to Theaters


“Now, you all keep quiet, and I’ll tell you about the time Uncle Mickey was shipwrecked.”

On May 19, 1934, the Mickey Mouse short film Gulliver Mickey was released to theaters. It was based on the book Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift. The short was directed by Burt Gillett.

Mickey is reading the book Gulliver’s Travels, when he spots his nephews pretending to sail a boat across the floor. Mickey pretends to be a whale and rocks their boat, but is surprised when they attack him. The boat tumbles from his jump, and the nephews all start to cry when they think their game is over. Mickey, in an effort to calm them, decides to use one of Gulliver’s travels to tell his nephews a story. He begins the story with a violent storm, which left him shipwrecked on an island. He fell asleep on the shore, waking up to find that he had been tied down by the townspeople. He is surprised, but amused, by the size of the people, though they are not amused by his antics. The tiny army attacks him, though Mickey once again only finds it more comical than anything. He is able to deflect anything they throw at him, until a giant spider comes into town destroying everything. Mickey fights the spider valiantly, though it looks as though the spider may win. In the end, Mickey acts out fighting the spider by punching a pillow, much to his nephews’ amusement, though one nephew scares Mickey with a rubber spider, showing Mickey might not be so brave after all.


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