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January 13

January 13, 1934 – The Mickey Mouse Short Film Shanghaied is Released to Theaters


“The captain’s got a girl, the captain’s got a girl…”

On January 13, 1934, the Mickey Mouse short film Shanghaied was released to theaters. It was directed by Burt Gillett.

The sailors are singing a song about their captain, mocking that he’s got a girl, when one sailor gets knocked out by Pete, who has tied up Mickey and Minnie in his cabin. Pete walks over to Mickey and mocks him before turning his attention to Minnie. Minnie pays no mind to his flirtations, and her screaming has Mickey breaking free from his bonds to save his girl. Using a swordfish from the wall, Mickey attempts to battle Pete, who continues to not take him seriously. A humorous sword fight ensues, though Mickey’s swordfish proves to be a poor weapon. Mickey, however, is able to use everything in the cabin at his disposal and free Minnie at the same time. As the two start to make their escape, Pete sends his crew after Mickey, but Mickey is able to use a cannon and miscellaneous kitchen supplies to subdue them. With one final attack using a harpoon, Mickey ends the attack by Pete and his crew, leaving Pete to be chased by sharks in the ocean while Mickey and Minnie steer the ship to safety.


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