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December 21

December 21, 1945 – The Donald Duck Short Film Old Sequoia is Released to Theaters


“If Old Sequoia goes, you go!”

On December 21, 1945, the Donald Duck short film Old Sequoia was released to theaters. It was directed by Jack King, with story by Homer Brightman.

The short begins at a national park, where the tree Old Sequoia proudly stands. Two beavers are chopping down trees close to Old Sequoia at a rapid pace, unbeknownst to Donald, who is snoozing away in the ranger station. He nearly falls from the post when he receives a call, and is lectured about the trees in his park. The lead ranger threatens him, and Donald rushes to his task. He spies the beavers near Old Sequoia and chases after them as fast as he can. The beavers manage to trip him up, then set their sights on Old Sequoia. Donald manages to trap them with his shotgun, just as the phone rings. He is lectured again by his boss, and he sprints back to guard Old Sequoia. He realizes that the beavers have gotten into the tree to chop it down, and poor Donald can only watch as sawdust comes out of the tree. He attempts to put the sawdust back in the tree, and only ends up making the tree implode. The tree, left standing by a tiny stand, threatens to fall, with Donald just barely able to keep it propped up. Unfortunately, the tree falls, taking the ranger station with it. Donald receives one final call from his boss, informing him he is fired.

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