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November 25

November 25, 1949 – The Donald Duck Short Film Slide, Donald, Slide is Released to Theaters


“Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! World Series today!”

On November 25, 1949, the Donald Duck short film Slide, Donald, Slide was released to theaters. It was directed by Jack Hannah, with story by Nick George and Bill Berg.

It’s a beautiful day, with Spike the bee being serenaded by classical music on the radio. He pretends to conduct a full orchestra as the music plays, only to be interrupted by Donald switching to the World Series. Spike angrily switches back, and Donald spots the bee. He places Spike near the radio and blares the ball game in his ears, scaring him. Donald then acts out the game excitedly, but gets a rude interruption from Spike again. Spike doesn’t give up easily, and enters the radio itself to change the channel. Donald manages to capture the bee and uses him as the ball in his baseball game. Spike tries to sting Donald, but Donald safely stays inside. As Spike threatens him with his stinger and taunts him with snippets of the game. Donald in retaliation creates a fake radio that will blow up in Spike’s face, and Donald, in his excitement, doesn’t see Spike’s stinger waiting, and gets stung in the backside. As Donald heads inside, Spike locks him in the shower and changes the station to his classical music, with Donald unknowingly contributing to the piece.

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