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November 6

November 6, 1942 – The Donald Duck Short Film Sky Trooper is Released to Theaters


“Oh, I wanna fly! I wanna fly!”

On November 6, 1942, the Donald Duck short film Sky Trooper was released to theaters. This is the third of seven short films where Donald has been drafted into the Army during World War II. This short also co-stars Pete as a flight sergeant, and Donald’s nemesis. It was directed by Jack King.

Donald is stationed at Mallard Field, though he is relegated to kitchen patrol (KP) duty peeling potatoes. He cries as he peels, as his dream is to fly. Pete notices Donald’s melancholic longing, but only has him peel more potatoes. He promises that he can fly after he peels the tidal wave of potatoes, which Donald completes with enthusiasm. Pete then tests Donald’s eligibility with some simple silly tests, though Donald is unable to pass. Pete torments Donald further by tricking him into going up with the paratroopers. Donald watches all the men stand in line and, thinking they’ve landed, follows suit, only to leap back into the plane once he sees the plane still in the air. Pete tries to throw Donald out, but he refuses to go. As they struggle, they accidentally knock a bomb off the plane, and the two play hot potato with it on the way down. The bomb explodes in the general’s headquarters, and the two are relegated to KP duty.


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