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October 23

October 23, 1942 – The Goofy Short Film How to Swim is Released to Theaters


“Everyone should learn how to swim.”

On October 23, 1942, the Goofy short film How to Swim was released to theaters. It was directed by Jack Kinney.

The short begins with Goofy modeling a simple bathing suit, before using a piano stool to simulate swimming across his living room. Unfortunately, Goofy doesn’t realize that he’s left his living room and is now “swimming” through traffic, though he manages to head back safely – until he crashes into his bathtub. The next step is to head to the beach, where he barely manages to fit in a beach locker. True to fashion, Goofy ends up with his locker in the bottom of the ocean. Another mishap occurs as Goofy eats his lunch underwater, and ends up with cramps all over. Afterwards, Goofy is taught how to dive, though he is not as elegant as the chart drawing, as he gets caught on the board and lands in an empty pool. His last session is using an inner tube to “surf,” but winds up being thrown onto a deserted island. All is not lost however, when he is surrounded by beautiful, adoring mermaids.


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