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September 30

September 30, 1933 – The Mickey Mouse Short Film The Steeplechase is Released to Theaters


“He’s in fine shape, Colonel!”

On September 30, 1933, the Mickey Mouse short film The Steeplechase was released to theaters. It was directed by Burt Gillett.

It’s the day of the big steeple-chase, with a $50,000 prize at stake. Mickey is the jockey for the horse Thunderbolt, and he and Minnie help Thunderbolt’s owner to his seat while the stable boys prepare the horse. As they brush him down, Thunderbolt finds a bottle of liquor in his hay and drinks it down, quickly becoming too drunk to do anything. The stable boys realize that the horse is in no condition to run, and Mickey returns to find the fiasco. Soon, the horn blows, and all the racers must head to the starting line – except for a heartbroken Mickey, knowing that he will break the Colonel’s heart if he doesn’t win. Mickey then gets an idea to dress the stable boys in a horse costume, and off they run, though they are more than a little uncoordinated. Mickey and the boys are dead last, when they come across an angry hornets nest. The hornets attack the trio, and the boys run as fast as they can to avoid further stinging. Thanks to the hornets, however, the trio manages to outrace everyone, and finish in first place. Mickey is celebrated as the winner, though he stutters on his final, heartfelt speech.


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