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September 25

September 25, 1925 – The Alice Comedy Alice Chops the Suey is Released to Theaters

Alice Chops the Suey

“Whee! Chinatown!”

On September 25, 1925, the Alice Comedy Alice Chops the Suey was released to theaters. It was the 22nd Alice Comedy released, and starred Margie Gay as Alice.

The cartoon begins with a live-action animator drawing Julius. Julius is startled when the ink bottle starts shaking, and out jumps Alice. Both watch as the animator continues to draw, and Alice is excited to find that he has drawn Chinatown. Unfortunately, a mysterious figure pops out of the ink bottle, scaring Julius. Alice is snatched while Julius escapes, and is brought to a Chinese restaurant. Julius is quick to pursue her, but is unable to get through the door, which turns into a brick wall. Julius manages to capture one of the captors and steals its clothes so he can sneak in, and is able to run away with Alice still in the bag. He is pursued by several of the captors, but after a few mishaps, including a throwing sword fight, the two manage to make their getaway back into the ink bottle, which is carried away by the animator.


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