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September 15

September 15, 1925 – The Alice Comedy Alice the Jail Bird is Released to Theaters

Alice the Jail Bird

On September 15, 1925, the Alice Comedy Alice the Jail Bird was released to theaters. It was the 23rd Alice Comedy, and starred Margie Gay as Alice.

Alice and Julius are riding on the back of a rather fast turtle when Alice spots a pie in the window of a nearby apartment complex. The trio decide to steal it, and the owner calls out for the police to capture them. The chase begins, first on land, then across the lake, with Julius using the turtle as a boat. The chase continues up a waterfall, but the police officer is still in hot pursuit, even after Julius hits him over the head. The trio manages to hide inside a cavern, but when they emerge, they find a trap waiting for them: the police officer offering a free lunch. The trio leap inside the truck, only to find themselves in the police paddy wagon. The three are carted off to jail, where Alice and Julius are assigned to break rocks. Julius finds an opportunity to quickly complete his task, while the turtle attempts to play pool with his rocks. With their work completed, Julius attempts to escape, using a fellow inmate to carry him across the wall. He is spotted and immediately shot at by an officer, though he manages to dodge the shots and escape. He flies back over the wall to rescue Alice, turning his tail into a ladder that carries her to freedom.


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