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September 12

September 12, 1947 – The Donald Duck Short Film Wide Open Spaces is Released to Theaters


“Sweet repose.”

On September 12, 1947, the Donald Duck short film Wide Open Spaces was released to theaters. It was directed by Jack King, with story by MacDonald MacPherson and Jack Huber.

At the Hold-Up Motel, Donald screeches to a halt in front and wearily makes his way inside, only to find that there’s nothing available but the cot on the porch for $16. Donald is furious, and gets kicked back into his car by the management. He drives away and decides to set up an air mattress in the woods, but has little luck in keeping the mattress inflated. Donald finally manages to get it inflated, only to find a rock under the mattress. He throws the rock up a hill, which accidentally starts an avalanche. Donald flees from the scene in his car, but gets crushed against a tree by a giant boulder. Weary, Donald tries to get back to sleep, but ends up snoring himself into the nearby river, where he shares his sleep with a giant fish. He gets back to the mattress, but ends up getting slapped in the face by a branch that moves with his snoring. He props the branch up to keep it from swinging into him, but his snoring once again causes the branch to move, landing on the air pump and inflating the air mattress to the point that it flies away, sending Donald straight to the door of the motel, where he owes the owner $16. Donald pays him in his sleep, and when the owner forcibly removes Donald from the cot, he lands into a cactus, where he continues to doze happily.


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