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September 10

September 10, 1948 – The pluto Short Film Pluto’s Fledgling is Released to Theaters


On September 10, 1948, the Pluto short film Pluto’s Fledgling was released to theaters. It was directed by Charles Nichols, with story by Milt Shaffer and Eric Gurney.

It’s a beautiful spring day, and several birds are practicing their flying. A baby bird wishes to practice as well, but when they jump from their nest, they tumble to the ground, landing in Pluto’s water bowl. Pluto is awakened from his nap to find the baby bird drowning and quickly saves it. Pluto then locates its nest and becomes determined to return it. Pluto gets it back to its nest, but the bird is actually annoyed by the gesture. The baby bird once again attempts to fly, this time landing on Pluto’s nose. The baby bird tearfully explains that it wants to fly, and Pluto volunteers to assist it. The bird grabs on to Pluto’s tail and Pluto runs, with the bird practicing its flapping. After tripping over a deflated inner tube, Pluto gets the idea to create a catapult, but the plan almost backfires when the bird gets out of the inner tube and grabs on to Pluto’s tail again. The pair are released into orbit, and Pluto barks at the bird to flap its wings. The bird is flying on its own, but poor Pluto once again crash lands into his doghouse. The bird cheerfully thanks Pluto, while Pluto gives him a wink.


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