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September 7

September 7, 1929 ā€“ The Silly Symphony El Terrible Toreador is Released to Theaters


On September 7, 1929, the Silly Symphony El Terrible Toreador was released to theaters. It was directed by Walt Disney, and features music from the opera Carmen by Georges Bizet.

The short opens with people eating in a cantina, with a waitress balancing a beer on her head as she wanders the floor. One soldier falls in love at first sight upon seeing her, and she dances about after he gives her a generous tip. El Terrible Toreador enters the cantina, and the soldier grabs for the waitress, though she works on fighting off his advances. The Toreador, angered at this lack of respect for the waitress, picks a fight with the soldier. The scene then moves to the bullfighting arena, where everyone cheers for the Toreador and the bull as they start to duke it out. The fight has many silly moments between the pair, including a game of patty-cake and a skipping dance. The waitress has a bouquet of flowers for the Toreador, but the soldier pours pepper over the flowers before she throws them. The bull smells the bouquet and sneezes his teeth out, which the Toreador uses to attack the bull. The bull is angered and, after his teeth return, charges at the Toreador. The Toreador wins the fight by pulling the bull inside out.


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