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September 2

September 2, 1949 – The Donald Duck Short Film All in a Nutshell is Released


“Hot dog! This oughta sell like hot cakes!”

On September 2, 1949, the Donald Duck short film All in a Nutshell was released to theaters. It was directed by Jack Hannah, with story by Bill Berg and Nick George.

Donald has set up a little nut butter stand shaped like a giant walnut, and is at work creating jars when he is out of nuts. He spies Chip and Dale collecting nuts in their tree, and decides to steal their nuts. Chip and Dale fall out of the tree, confused as to where their nuts have gone, but follow the trail back to the nut stand. Dale believes the stand to be the biggest but they’ve ever seen, and he and Dale decide to carry it home, not realizing they can’t lift it. After being injured by Dale’s antics, Chip finds a large rock atop a hill and decides to use it to crash into the nut to break it open. The rock manages to roll down the hill and crack the top of the stand. Donald rushes out once he hears the noise, but soon returns back to his work. Chip and Dale open the top of the stand and find the nut butter inside, and taste test a jar. Finding it to their liking, they decide to take more jars. Dale gets distracted by the jar filling machine, and takes the place of a jar to eat more butter. Chip gets Dale back on track so they can steal more jars. Unfortunately, one of the jars breaks over Donald’s head, and he chases the two out of the stand. They soon capture him and steal the rest of the jars, but he quickly pursues them. Donald crashes into their tree, and the two send him flying out across the countryside in a makeshift cannon with a log and a beehive, with the chipmunks celebrating their victory.



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