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August 22

August 22, 1947 – The Donald Duck Short Film Bootle Beetle is Released to Theaters


“Just think of it: the famous Professor Duck!”

On August 22, 1947, the Donald Duck short film Bootle Beetle was released to theaters. It was directed by Jack Hannah, with story by Bill Berg and Milt Banta.

The narrator opens the short with an introduction of the “Bootle Beetle,” a once plentiful bug whose numbers diminished due to their love of travel. One beetle is seen getting ready to travel, when he is stopped by an older bug. He warns the kid that so many beetles before him traveled across the stream and never came back, then starts telling him a story of when he was a younger bug, setting out for adventure. At first, the journey is enjoyable, until he comes Donald, an entomologist. Donald, who has been looking for the elusive Bootle Beetle, celebrates his good fortune, but the poor beetle manages to escape. Donald continues to chase after the beetle, and finally manages to trap it in a jar, taking it home. However, when Donald takes another look at the beetle, he thinks it has disappeared. The beetle manages another escape, and makes his way back home, determined to stay. The kid beetle is convinced to stay home, and it is revealed that Donald is still searching for the beetle all those years later.

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