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August 15

August 15, 1917 – First Manager of Custodial Operations and Disney Legend Chuck Boyajian is Born

Chuck Boyajian

“We Keep Your Castle Shining.”

On August 15, 1917, Charles “Chuck” Boyajian was born into an Armenian family in Akron, Ohio. He served in the Navy during World War II, working as a mechanic on an aircraft carrier. After the war, he moved to California with his wife, Alice, and worked as a foreman for American Building Maintenance, which would be contracted to build a new type of amusement park for Walt Disney. Realizing that his own staff would be needed to make his dream into a reality, Walt hired Boyajian to head up the Janitorial Department. Entrusted with the intimidating task of keeping the Magic Kingdom clean, Boyajian managed to create a reputation of spotlessness and productivity that made Disneyland the cleanest theme park on earth. He trained his own “Disney Dynasty” of custodians that were proud to be considered part of the “Team that Chuck Built.” After establishing the department in Disneyland, Boyajian brought his expertise to Walt Disney World in 1971, and then to Tokyo Disneyland in 1983. After retiring in 1981, he was honored with a window on Main Street. Boyajian passed away in 2004. He was honored for his work in 2005 as a Disney Legend.

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