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August 13

August 13, 1948 – The Pluto Short Film Cat Nap Pluto is Released to Theaters


On August 13, 1948, the Pluto short film Cat Nap Pluto was released to theaters. This is one of the few shorts that featured the character of Figaro from the animated feature film Pinocchio. It was directed by Charles Nichols, with story by Eric Gurney.

It’s a quiet morning in suburbia, with Figaro snoozing away on his pillow. He goes to wake his friend Pluto, only to find an empty bed. Figaro is soon distracted by the milk man, and spies an exhausted Pluto coming in through the gate. Pluto can barely keep his eyes open, and narrowly manages to get back inside before being greeted by Figaro. Pluto’s Sandman appears and puts Pluto to sleep, which doesn’t last very long when Figaro appears, wanting to play. Pluto manages to make his way under the couch, but Figaro disturbs him again. Pluto’s Sandman uses more and more sand to put him to sleep, but his efforts are thwarted by a playful Figaro. Pluto chases Figaro around the house until he is too tired to move, and falls asleep in Figaro’s bed, with Pluto’s Sandman knocking him out with a hammer. After this, Figaro is unable to wake Pluto in any way, and is soon visited by his own Sandman, who puts the cat to sleep with a hammer. The two Sandmen also put each other to sleep while Pluto and Figaro snooze away happily.


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