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June 28

June 28, 1946 – The Donald Duck Short Film Donald’s Double Trouble is Released to Theaters


“Oh, the kiss? Don’t worry – it’s beginning to work like a charm, for you.”

On June 28, 1946, the Donald Duck short film Donald’s Double Trouble was released to theaters. It was directed by Jack King, with story by Roy Williams.

Donald is being lectured by Daisy over the phone, who breaks up with him. Donald, utterly destroyed, walks down the street dejected when he meets a duck that could be his twin, only speaking like Ronald Coleman. Donald struck with a plan to have the double stand in for him and help win her back for him. The double refuses, even when Donald offers him money. However, he agrees once he sees the picture of Daisy, and falls head over heels for her. Donald leads him to Daisy’s house, and the double charms Daisy off her feet. Donald soon realizes that he could lose Daisy to the smitten double, and his anger nearly gets the best of him. He follows the pair to the amusement park “for an evening of frivolity,” and starts counting the kisses and hugs between the double and Daisy. The double spots Donald spying on them, and tries to prevent Daisy from knowing the ruse. Donald spies them heading on the tunnel of love, he begs the double not to go on the ride. Finally, Donald beats up the double inside, only to come out with him on the other side, having accidentally beaten up Daisy instead. The two flee the park to escape Daisy’s wrath.

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