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June 7, 1940 – The Donald Duck Short Film Mr. Duck Steps Out Premieres in Theaters


“Oh boy! What a jitterbug!”

On June 7, 1940, the Donald Duck short film Mr. Duck Steps Out premiered in theaters. It was directed by Jack King. This is one of the few shorts where Clarence “Ducky” Nash voices all the characters, including Daisy Duck.

The short begins with Donald preparing for his date with his sweetheart, Daisy. He dresses in his finest outfit, grabs a straw hat, a cane, and a box of chocolates, and dances his way into the living room, to find his nephews dancing with him with bouquets of flowers. He tricks the boys into the closet and locks the door before heading out on his date, unaware that the boys free themselves by sawing a hole through the wall. When Donald arrives at Daisy’s, the boys, who have already snuck inside, steal his gift. Donald chases after the boys, until he sees Daisy. Donald sheepishly says that he has brought his nephews with him, to which Daisy finds considerate and sweet. Donald bribes the boys to get some ice cream, which seems to leave Donald and Daisy alone. Daisy plays hard to get with Donald, but he is interrupted when trying to kiss her by the return of the nephews. Donald then gets Daisy to dance with him, but once again the happy pair are broken up by the nephews. Donald and the nephews continue to jockey over who gets to dance with Daisy, when one of the nephews gets an idea to use a hot corn cob to stop Donald. Donald accidentally swallows the heated cob, which starts to pop inside of him. Donald dances wildly while popping, and the boys accompany his movements. Daisy, seemingly unaware of any problem, continues to dance with Donald. The short ends with an excited Daisy covering Donald in kisses.


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