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May 10, 1946 – The Pluto Short Film In Dutch is Released to Theaters


“And never don’t you two come back!”

On May 10, 1946, the Pluto short film In Dutch was released to theaters. It was directed by Charles Nichols, with story by Harry Reeves and Jesse Marsh.

Pluto is delivering milk in a small Dutch town, when he arrives at the mayor’s house, home of Dinah, Pluto’s sweetheart. He treats her to a small bowl of milk, though he gets distracted and accidentally pours out too much. He tries to make it up to her using tulips, which works, as Dinah kisses him. The two accidentally set off the dike alarm, warning the townspeople of a hole in the dike, and Pluto gets berated by the whole town. Pluto and Dinah are kicked out of town, but as they walk away, they realize that there really is a problem with the dike. Pluto rushes back to town to pull the alarm, but the townspeople think it’s another false alarm. Pluto then tricks the townspeople to follow him to the scene of the problem, where Dinah is dangerously close to drowning. The townspeople find the pair and realize that the two are heroes, and invite them back to town, where Dinah continues to help Pluto with his milk rounds.


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