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April 20

April 20, 1992 – The Animated Series Goof Troop Premieres on The Disney Channel


“Report to the Goof Troop, and we’ll always stick together, we’re the Goof Troop, best of friends forever.”

On April 20, 1992, the animated series Goof Troop premiered on The Disney Channel as part of the Disney Afternoon. Following in the steps of its predecessors Ducktales and Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers, the show features classic Disney characters Goofy and Pegleg Pete in a modern setting. The series went on to be syndicated in September of that year, and ran until August 30, 1996. The series was created by Peter Montgomery, and starred Bill Farmer as Goofy, Jim Cummings as Pete, Dana Hill as Max, Rob Paulsen as P.J., April Winchell as Peg, Nancy Cartwright as Pistol, and Frank Welker as Waffles and Chainsaw.

The first episode, “Axed by Edition,” begins with P.J. freaking out about his math final. Pete has high expectations for P.J., as he refuses to let him fail. P.J. calls out to his best friend Max, who offers to help make P.J. a math genius. Max then rigs a device that will give P.J. his favorite candy bar if he answers correctly, but will also egg him in the face if he answers incorrectly. By morning, P.J. is exhausted and terrified of eggs. He and Max arrive at school for the test, but P.J. seems close to insane, and isn’t sure if he got anything right. Thinking that P.J. only has one day left before his father grounds him for life for flunking, he and Max decide to plan the perfect day, where P.J. can live his life to the fullest. They come up with an extensive list, and plan to skip school to accomplish this. Max helps P.J. look as though he is ill, although Pete believes the illness to the point where he calls the ambulance.

Pete lies in the hospital, terrified that they believe he's really sick

Pete lies in the hospital, terrified that they believe he’s really sick

As Max heads to the hospital to retrieve his pal, Pete nervously listens to the list of tests the doctors wish to run on him. Max manages to distract the doctors and sneak P.J. out. The doctors finally realize that Pete was faking, and inform his father, complete with the wish list P.J. and Max had put together. Pete misunderstands and thinks P.J. is dying, and runs out to beg for forgiveness. Max and P.J. only have three hours to complete his wish list, unaware that they are being followed by Pete. Max and P.J. manage to finish the list, albeit in a truncated manner. Max is able to distract Pete while P.J. finishes his thrill rides in the nearby amusement park, and when the pair finally arrive home, Pete welcomes him with open arms, worried that P.J. is dying. He then gets a call from the doctor to find that P.J. has been faking being sick, and grounds him for life. That night, Pete’s wife Peg brings home P.J. report card, revealing that he got an A in math. Unfortunately, Pete wants to celebrate with everything P.J. wanted to do, which he now finds torturous.

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