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April 15

April 15, 1932 – The Mickey Mouse Short Film Barnyard Olympics is Released to Theaters


“Good luck Mickey, hope you win. Minnie.”

On April 15, 1932, the Mickey Mouse short film Barnyard Olympics was released in theaters, just in time to capitalize on the Olympics being held in Los Angeles, California. The short was directed by Wilfred Jackson.

The Barnyard Olympics are in full swing, with a marching band taking the field and performing. First is a boxing match, but the boxers keep punching the ref until they punch themselves out. The next event is diving, followed by wrestling. Minnie is on the front row of the audience with Clarabelle Cow, while Mickey is prepping for his event with help from Horace Horsecollar. The cross country event begins, with Mickey competing; when he sees Minnie in the audience, he waves at her, but Pete tries to get Minnie’s attention. Fortunately, Minnie only has eyes for Mickey. The race starts, but Pete sabotages Mickey. Mickey races to catch up to the rest, but keeps running into trouble as the race continues, especially with continued sabotage, but he manages to give his best effort anyway. He finally manages to catch up to the Pete, and manages to win the race with a bike on its last legs.


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