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March 28

March 28, 1941 – The Goofy Short Film Baggage Buster is Released to Theaters


“Feel better, miss?”

On March 28, 1941, the Goofy short film Baggage Buster was released to theaters. It was directed by Jack Kinney.

Goofy is busy at work at the telegram office, capturing a message about a magician’s trunk that must be on the 5:15 train. He then attempts to take the trunk to the train, but it falls away from him, leaving him holding only the handle. Goofy is surprised to see the trunk on the platform and not on the car, and when he goes to retrieve it, a black top hat pops up. Goofy decides to put the hat on, and is surprised when it not only starts moving, but releases several animals. He tries to recapture the rabbits in the hat, but the rabbits multiply before returning by their own accord, save for one that Goofy chases. Goofy ends up diving into the hat after the rabbit, and it sent out by a giant palm tree. When he finally manages to get the hat back in the trunk, the trunk levitates, taking Goofy with him. Goofy continues to have trouble with the trunk, as it seems to play tricks on him. At one point, he throws a red towel out of the trunk, which then makes a large bull appear. The bull sees Goofy wave the red towel and charges, but disappears into the towel again. When he waves the towel, a kangaroo jumps out and starts punching Goofy. The towel causes Goofy more problems than the trunk, particularly when it turns his head into a fishbowl full of water. Animals from the towel surround the depot, and suddenly he hears the sound of the 5:15 train. Goofy scrambles to get everything back in the trunk, and barely manages to get it on the train…so he thinks.


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