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March 26

March 26, 1999 – The Mickey MouseWorks Short Film Donald’s Dynamite: Opera Box Premieres in Theaters


“Aw, nuts!”

On March 26, 1999, the Mickey MouseWorks short film Opera Box from the Donald’s Dynamite series premiered in theaters in front of the animated feature Doug’s 1st Movie. It heavily features the piece “Coro di zingari” from Giuseppe Verdi’s opera Il trovatore. The short was directed by William Speers.

Daisy has taken Donald to the opera, although he equates going to the opera with taking a nap. Daisy asks Donald to grab her lipstick from her purse, but when he does, he finds a bomb in there instead. He tries to put out the bomb’s fuse, but to no avail. The amount of water he tries to use increases, until he finally resorts to throwing it back into Daisy’s purse and having it explode in there. Fortunately for Donald, the bomb does little damage, and pops out Daisy’s lipstick into his hand. She thanks him for the lipstick, but is less than pleased when it melts all over her hand.


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