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March 12

March 12, 1993 – The Roger Rabbit Short Film Trail Mix-Up is Released to Theaters


“Have a nice lunch, boys. And remember, only you can prevent forest fires.”

On March 12, 1993, the Roger Rabbit short film Trail Mix-Up was released to theaters alongside A Far Off Place. It features the animated characters from the Touchstone-Spielberg collaboration Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, and was produced at the Disney-MGM Studios. It was directed by Barry Cook, with story by Cook, Rob Minkoff, Mark Kausler, and Patrick A. Ventura. The short stars Charles Fleischer as Roger Rabbit, Kathleen Turner as Jessica Rabbit, April Winchell as Baby Herman’s mother and young Baby Herman, Lou Hirsch as Adult Baby Herman, Corey Burton as Droopy Dog, and Frank Welker as the Beaver and the Bear.

It’s a beautiful day at Yellowstain National Park, although the park itself is crowded and covered in litter. Roger Rabbit is carrying a giant load of supplies for Baby Herman and his mother, when he trips on a pinecone; luckily, everything lands in its proper place, save for the cookie jar, which breaks and causes Baby Herman to cry. Baby Herman’s mother gives Roger one more chance after his slip-up before deciding to go hunting, and leaves Baby Herman with Roger. Park Ranger Jessica shows up to help Roger, and distracts him while he tries to build a fire. In the end, he ends up blowing himself up. Roger then freaks out after seeing a bug, and destroys the forest with his super-duty bug spray. As Roger tries to find something for the pair to eat, Baby Herman is already climbing up a tree to play with a beehive. The branch he is on breaks, and the beehive lands squarely on Roger’s head. The bees then attack Roger, who lands in a lake he thinks is shark infested.

Baby Herman becomes enamored with a beaver, not noticing the danger he is in while following it

Baby Herman becomes enamored with a beaver, not noticing the danger he is in while following it

As Baby Herman follows after a fast-eating beaver, Roger tries to save him from a falling tree, but ends up getting squashed himself. He continues his chase of Baby Herman, and finds him getting caught in a sawmill. Baby Herman manages to escape getting chopped up, but the same cannot be said for Roger, who is able to put himself together to save the baby, only to end up riding down a dangerous log flume, and are joined by a fishing bear. As the quartet falls over a highly steep waterfall, Roger is able to use his ears to send them back up, only to fall again and land in the Old Predictable Geyser. The geyser erupts, sending the four flying out of the studio where the filming for the short film is taking place, and landing on Mount Rushmore, destroying it. Baby Herman yells at Roger about destroying a national monument, and when Roger places a makeshift flag in the ground, he ends up destroying the world on top of it all.


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