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March 5

March 5, 1948 – The Donald Duck Short Film Drip Dippy Donald Premieres in Theaters


“I’m so sleepy…”

On March 5, 1948, the Donald Duck short film Drip Dippy Donald premiered in theaters. It was directed by Jack King, with story by Nick George.

Late one evening, Donald is on the bus, snoring away, when he is dropped off at his house. Exhausted, Donald sprints off the bus and goes through his routine before settling into bed. Unfortunately, he is unable to sleep thanks to a lighted advertisement from down the street shinging through his window. He pulls down the blind, but the blind rolls almost instantly back up. He ties the string to the blind down, but moments later, the blind pulls itself back up. When Donald pulls it down for a third time, he pulls it so hard that it comes off the wall. Annoyed, he finally nails it down, and proceeds to drift off to a deep sleep. No sooner has Donald finally settled in that his faucet starts dripping loudly, waking him up once again. The faucet noise starts to taunt him, and he rushes out of bed to turn it off. He then gets back in bed, eyes heavy, but the faucet drips faster than ever, dripping onto his dishes. As he rolls up in his mattress, the drips seem to grow in intensity, sounding like bombs and being strong enough to shake his entire house. Unable to take it anymore, he tries again to turn off the faucet, but ends off breaking off the tap and falling into the sink. He then tries several methods to keep the water from dripping loudly, but none seem to work. In the end, Donald comes up with a rather complicated Rube Goldberg-like contraption to capture each drop of water in a sponge, when his phone rings, letting him know that as he hasn’t paid his water bill, his water has been cut off. Sleep-deprived to the point of madness, Donald hits himself over the head with the phone and his sponge.



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