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February 15

February 15, 1926 – The Alice Comedy Alice’s Mysterious Mystery is Released to Theaters


“A couple of Sherlocks on the trail of the missing link…”

On February 15, 1926, the Alice Comedy Alice’s Mysterious Mystery was released to theaters. It was the 31st Alice Comedy released by Disney, and stars Margie Gay as Alice. The short can be seen as controversial, as the villains are dressed as Klansmen (fortunately, the villains are defeated in the end).

In the cartoon world, a bear smoking a cigar is making his way is his chauffeured car when he comes across the school for puppies. He plots with his chauffer to pretend to be a dog catcher and trucks them all inside before taking the school and placing them inside his dog catcher truck. No sooner has the event occurred that Alice and Julius are on the case, tracking the footprints, which only leads to a dead end of a duck wearing shoes. They hear a cry for help from a dog that is soon captured, and Alice and Julius begin the pursuit. The bear manages to carefully get across a tightrope to the other side of the cliff, but as Alice and Julius make their way across, the bear uses his cigar to burn up the tightrope, leaving the detectives stranded. Having made a clean getaway, the bear uses a new tactic to capture dogs: luring them to an inconspicuous trap door with a pretty female dog standing at her balcony as bait. It is soon revealed that the dogs are being placed in the sausage factory in separate crates, with workers turning the dogs into sausages. Alice and Julius finally make it to the factory, with Julius tricking the bear into falling through the trap door. Julius manages to let the dogs go free, and they all chase the bear and other workers out of town.

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