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January 30

January 30, 1957 – The Episode of the Disney Anthology Series “All About Magic” Premieres


“Perhaps there is no art more fascinating than magic.”

On January 30, 1957, the episode of the Disney anthology series “All About Magic” premiered on ABC. It was directed by Hamilton Luske, and starred Hans Conried as the Magic Mirror.

The episode begins in Walt’s office, where he explains about the importance of magic, and takes the audience down to a prop room that is full of magical props. He opens the door with the magic words, and inside Walt uses a few of the props, including levitating a table using his concentration. He introduces them to the Decapitated Princess, who speaks when he utters the magic words. She is startled when he tells her that it’s the mid-20th century, but he quickly calms her back to sleep. Walt then continues his tour of the prop room, and pulls a rabbit out of a hat. Finally, he reveals the magic mirror owned by the Evil Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and summons the slave in the mirror; unfortunately, he arrives upside down. Walt hands the show over to the mirror, who sends Walt away with the magic words. The mirror then panics, as he’s not sure he knows the correct words to bring Walt back. Fortunately, Walt is still in the room, and leaves of his own accord. After doing several sleight of hand tricks, the mirror then introduces the stories and film clips featuring magic, beginning with the Mickey Mouse short film Magician Mickey. Afterwards, he introduces Halloween and the next short film, Trick or Treat. The episode concludes with clips from Cinderella and the Sorcerer’s Apprentice sequence from Fantasia.


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