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December 19

December 19, 1936 – The Silly Symphony More Kittens is Released to Theaters


On December 19, 1936, the Silly Symphony More Kittens was released to theaters. It was a sequel to the Academy Award winning Silly Symphony Three Orphan Kittens. Both shorts were directed by Dave Hand. The popular song “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf” makes a cameo appearance in this short.

The three orphan kittens are thrown out of a house, and hide in a nearby bloodhound’s doghouse. The bloodhound notices that one of the kittens has fallen into its bowl of milk, and rescues it before drinking the contents. As the kittens brush up against the bloodhound’s face affectionately, their tails tickle its nose and it sneezes, sending two of the kittens flying into the yard. The kittens look around, confused, as they realize they’ve landed on something moving, and look down to find themselves riding on the back of a turtle. The turtle itself is surprised and falls down the stairs, with the turtle and kittens tumbling about. The third kitten has been resting on the bloodhound’s back, when it chases a fly on the bloodhound’s nose. The bloodhound is bugged by the fly and tries to swat it, finally getting it with its ears. The kitten stalks the fly after it lands, and ends up falling on the turtle. The kitten and the turtle fight before the turtle turns tail and walks away.

The bird mocks the kitten for not only missing the turtle, but being unable to attack him as well

The bird mocks the kitten for not only missing the turtle, but being unable to catch him as well

A bird mocks the kitten for losing to the turtle, and it turns its attention on the bird, pouncing and trying to attack it. The bird and the kitten end up within the bloodhound’s mouth, fighting, although the kitten gets pushed out, and the bird whistles triumphantly. The bird finally leaves the bloodhound’s mouth, and all three kittens chase after it, with two ending up in the laundry basket, and one on the clothesline. In the end, the kittens gets swept away when they knock over the washing bucket, and end up at the front door of the house, alerting the maid. Furious, she chases after the kittens, and they three ends up at the bloodhound’s once again, where it hides the kittens from the angry maid. The short ends with the bloodhound adopting the kittens, and they give it grateful kisses.


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