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December 7

December 7, 1945 – The Pluto Short Film Canine Patrol is Released to Theaters


On December 7, 1945, the Pluto short film Canine Patrol was released to theaters. The wartime short was dedicated to the dogs of the United States Coast Guard. It was directed by Charles Nichols, with story by Harry Reeves and Tom Oreb.

At a U.S. Coast Guard Patrol Station, Pluto starts his patrol of the beach, when he trips over a spot in the sand. The spot turns out to be an egg buried under the sand, and the egg hatches to reveal a baby turtle. The turtle trips over himself and lands on Pluto’s nose and, thinking Pluto is his mother, nestles up to the dog. Pluto is flattered at this, but is soon alarmed when the turtle heads into the water, not heeding the “no swimming” sign. Pluto then takes the turtle outside of the post, near the “no trespassing” sign, warning him to stay away. The turtle continues to try and walk in, but Pluto comes up with a plan to get the turtle to leave on his own. It works, until the turtle realizes he’s walking towards a farm, and decides to head back to Pluto, who has gone back on patrol. Pluto hears the turtle try to sneak back into the station, and watches the turtle struggle as it sits on his shell, unable to move. The turtle, however, is rather resourceful, and finds a way to move to the shore. Pluto tracks after him and finds a large area of rocks. He searches under each one and, unable to find him, finally sees him swimming joyously. Pluto once again tries to push the turtle out, and doesn’t notice the sign for quicksand. He soon finds himself stuck while the turtle swims around without a care. Seeing Pluto sink into the quicksand, the turtle is alarmed, and grabs Pluto by his collar to pull him out. When that fails, he bites Pluto’s tail, causing the dog to jump out of the quicksand thanks to the pain. The short ends with the turtle pulling Pluto in an inner tube along the shore while swimming away happily.


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