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November 4

November 4, 1938 – The Donald Duck Short Film Donald’s Golf Game is Released to Theaters


“Ah, what a perfect day for a perfect game of golf.”

On November 4, 1938, the Donald Duck short film Donald’s Golf Game was released to theaters. It was directed by Jack King.

Donald is gleefully walking onto the course, with his nephews carrying his rather heavy golf bag. The boys set up his tee, and Donald takes a swing, only to be interrupted by a bird chirping. He yells at the bird, and gets back to swing, when the boys interrupt him by loudly blowing their noses. Donald angrily makes his way over, but they protest that they have colds. Donald retaliates by shutting their beaks with clothespins. Unfortnautely, just as Donald gets ready to once again hit the ball, the nephews sneeze their clothespins off, hitting him on the back of the head and getting one attached to his tail. He angrily breaks his club at the boys’ antics, not noticing that they packed in his bag a box of “Goofy Golf Clubs” that play 1,000 tricks. They take a club to give to Donald, and as Donald prepares to hit the ball, he doesn’t realize that the club turned into a net, scooping up the ball instead of sending it on a long drive. They hand him another club, which becomes an umbrella that takes Donald up into the sky and produces its own rain.

The nephews laugh themselves silly over the pranks they pull on their Uncle Donald

The nephews laugh themselves silly over the pranks they pull on their Uncle Donald

The nephews are beside themselves with laughter, but vamoose when they see Donald making his way over. As they hide from their uncle, they spot a grasshopper, which they hide in a golf ball. When Donald isn’t looking, they replace his ball with the trick ball. As Donald continues his game, the ball jumps away from him, and Donald angrily tries to bat it with his club. When the ball jumps out into the water, the boys provide him an inner tube so he can go after it, and pull the plug when Donald is out far enough. Even so, Donald tries to play his ball through the water, sending it flying to the hole. He chases after it on land and finally finds the grasshopper in the ball, setting it free. He lands on his face on the green, and the nephews decide to play their own hybrid game of golf and pool, sending balls flying into the pocket after torturing Donald in various ways. Angered, he takes another trick club and throws it at the boys, which turns into a boomerang and flies right back into Donald, sending him flying face-first into a hole.

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