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October 26

October 26, 1945 – The Donald Duck Short Film Cured Duck is Released to Theaters


“Temper, temper, shame on you! You never see me lose my temper, do you?”

On October 26, 1945, the Donald Duck short film Cured Duck was released to theaters. It was directed by Jack King, with story by Roy Williams.

Donald is walking down the street with a cigar, blowing smoke hearts as he heads to Daisy’s house. She gets herself ready as she sees him approach, although she is less than happy about his cigar smoke. He tries to open the window for her, and is angered when it is sealed shut. He throws a tantrum, breaking all of her belongings. Having had enough, she admonishes him for his temper, and gives him an ultimatum: she won’t go out with him again until he controls his temper. Donald dejectedly walks away, and comes across a newspaper ad for a mail-order temper cure. His package soon arrives, and enclosed is an insult machine from the Tootsberry Institute of Temperism, which tells him that if Donald can withstand its insults for ten minutes and still control his temper, he will be cured. The machines is really rough with Donald, and loses it after 30 seconds. The tests get more and more rough, but finally, Donald is able to pass the test and receive his certificate. He jumps in his car and drives back to Daisy’s, and she tests him with opening the window again, and although he has problems, he manages to get the window open and doesn’t lose his temper after all the mishaps. When she shows up with a new hat, he laughs at the ridiculousness of it, and she loses her temper, beating him over the head with a broom.



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