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July 9

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July 9, 1932 – The Mickey Mouse Short Film Musical Farmer is Released to Theaters


“Look look look look look look look look look look look what I did!”

On July 9, 1932, the Mickey Mouse short film Musical Farmer was released to theaters. It was directed by Wilfred Jackson.

Mickey and Pluto are walking across the farm, planting seeds, which are soon devoured by crows. Mickey and Pluto spot the crows and chase them off, but as Pluto jumps after them, he lands in the nearby scarecrow’s clothes. Mickey helps him out, but is soon distracted by a singing Minnie who is milking a cow. Mickey decides to play a prank on her, so he and Pluto dress in the scarecrow’s outfit and make their way over, scaring her half to death. The “scarecrow” soon begins to dance, but continues to shout “boo!” and scare her. When she notices that it’s Pluto and Mickey, she trips them up can has Mickey fall into the washtub. He steps out wearing tartan socks and a kilt, takes three nearby geese, and pretends to play the bagpipes with them.

Mickey starts playing a tune for the barnyard musical extravaganza

Mickey starts playing a tune for the barnyard musical extravaganza

As Mickey pretends to be Scottish, the music he plays is infectious and carries all over the farm. Soon, Mickey plays an old rake like a mouth harp and sings with all the animals while Minnie dances on top of a washtub. All the hens lay their eggs in time to the music, save for one – Fanny. Fanny sadly looks around at all the other hens laying and gossiping about her, when suddenly she lays a giant egg. The entire farm rushes to the hen house to see what Fanny has done, and when Mickey sees the egg, he gives her a pat on the head and rushes to get his camera. After a series of mishaps, he sets off to take a photo of the giant egg. Unfortunately, he uses too much flash powder, and destroys not only his camera, but takes off all the feathers from every bird in the hen house.


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