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June 17

June 17, 1933 – The Mickey Mouse Short Film Mickey’s Mechanical Man is Released to Theaters


“One, two, come on there, step in! Three, four, with a spot on his chin! Five, six, lead with your right, seven, eight, get in there and fight!”

On June 17, 1933, the Mickey Mouse short film Mickey’s Mechanical Man was released to theaters. It was directed by Wilfred Jackson. The gorilla in the short was a character from the 1930 Mickey Mouse short film, The Gorilla Mystery.

A poster is seen on the side of a barn, advertising the “Battle of the Century” between the Kongo Killer and Mickey’s Mechanical Man. Mickey is inside his own training center, having the robot named Sam punch a safe with the gorilla’s face on it while Mickey plays the piano and sings his commands. Minnie drives up to the training grounds and watches from the window. She honks her car horn, which gives Sam a strange reaction to violently punch any picture of the gorilla he sees. At one point, Sam punches a lamppost so hard that it falls on him and knocks him out. Mickey goes to check on Sam, when he hears Minnie laughing and mocking him. Mickey asks her to never honk the horn again, as it makes his robot go wild and crazy. However, she honks it again, and Sam gets up and runs wildly down the street with Mickey following him.

The town gathers for the fight of the century, although most are banking on Kongo winning

The town gathers for the fight of the century, although most are banking on Kongo winning

The crowds gather for the fight, but run inside when Sam makes his way to the arena, and proceeds to punch a poster of Kongo the Killer on a brick wall, knocking himself out in the process. Mickey drags Sam inside, with Minnie following him as the crowd laughs. Finally, the fight begins, although the crowd isn’t so sure Sam can win. In the beginning, Sam has a strong lead, but Kongo soon gets his punches in, sending Sam’s parts flying all over the place. Sam is soon knocked out, with mechanical birdies flying above his head, and Mickey begs Sam to get up. Minnie soon gets the idea to grab her horn and make it sound. When she does, Sam springs into action, fighting Kongo with all he’s got. Sam wins the fight, sending Kongo flying into the rafters, and Sam blows apart from the excitement.


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