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January 21

January 21, 1933 – The Mickey Mouse Short The Mad Doctor is Released to Theaters


“I’m a raring tearing wizard when it comes to cutting up! I can graft a chicken’s gizzard on the wishbone of a pup!”

On January 21, 1933, the Mickey Mouse short film The Mad Doctor was released to theaters. The film is notable for being deemed “too frightening” by the British film censor. The film was directed by Dave Hand.

It’s a blustery night, and Mickey finds it hard to sleep, especially after hearing Pluto’s wailing. Mickey looks outside to find that Pluto has been dognapped, and follows the strange footsteps to a mysterious castle on the edge of town. As Mickey walks across the bridge to the castle, it falls away, leaving him completely trapped at the castle door. He is pulled inside and locked in, and begins his search for Pluto. The mysterious figure takes him into some sort of lab, and Mickey ends up going through a secret tunnel to a dungeon filled with mischievous skeletons. The mysterious figure, revealing himself to be a mad doctor, ties Pluto to an x-ray machine, revealing his intentions to combine Pluto and a chicken to create a hideous creation, and find out what kind of animal will hatch from its eggs.

The mad doctor reveals his plans of combining Pluto with a chicken and seeing what hatches

The mad doctor reveals his plans of combining Pluto with a chicken and seeing what hatches

Mickey hears Pluto’s cries and tries to escape from the dungeon, running into more skeletons. Mickey fights the skeletons, and is trapped in a skeleton spider’s web. As the mad doctor continues to torture Pluto, Mickey hurries to get out, but the door to the dungeon is locked. He finally is let out but is trapped on an operating table; the mad doctor sets up the trap to slice Mickey open with a buzz saw from the ceiling. Soon, it is revealed that the entire situation was a dream. As Mickey calls out for Pluto, Pluto bursts through Mickey’s window, and Mickey joyful hugs his pal.

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