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January 15

January 15, 1975 – The General Electric Carousel of Progress Attraction Opens in Walt Disney World


“There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow, just a dream away!”

On January 15, 1975, the General Electric Carousel of Progress attraction opened in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom park, located in Tomorrowland. Based on the original 1964-65 New York World’s Fair attraction, the attraction closed in Disneyland on September 9, 1973 and was moved to Walt Disney World. It greatly changed when it moved to Florida, with one significant change being the theme song of the attraction changing from “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” to “The Best Time of Your Life,” which was a reflection of the new philosophy of General Electric. Although General Electric ended their sponsorship with the attraction in 1985, the attraction was kept open and still continues to operate. In 1993, the attraction underwent a rehabilitation, which brought back the original theme song, and also added a specific holiday to each of the four segments. In 1994, it was renamed Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress.


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