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December 26

December 26, 1947 – The Pluto Short Film Pluto’s Blue Note is Released to Theaters


“’Twas a moment like this, do you remember?”

On December 26, 1947, the Pluto short film Pluto’s Blue Note was released to theaters. It features the song “You Belong to My Heart” from the 1945 animated feature film The Three Caballeros. The short was directed by Charles Nichols, with story by Milt Schaffer and Jack Huber.

The birds are singing on a lovely spring day, but are soon interrupted by the sound of Pluto trying to join them in their tweeting. However, Pluto’s singing is rather awful, as the birds point out before they fly away. Pluto then decides to sing along with a bee’s buzzing, but once again is informed that his singing is terrible. Suddenly, Pluto hears the sound of a strange tune coming from the music store across the street. Entranced by the tune, Pluto starts dancing along. When he starts singing with it, however, the store owner pulls the radio away from the howling dog. Pluto sneaks inside the store to listen to the radio, and accidentally turns on a record player, with his tail acting as the needle. When he opens his mouth, the music from the record player comes out, and Pluto is overjoyed at this development.

Pluto begins his crooning, thanks to the record player hidden in his doghouse

Pluto begins his crooning, thanks to the record player hidden in his doghouse

Pluto then gets an idea, and when the birds come back, he uses the trick to pretend that he can sing with a beautiful voice. The female dogs of the neighborhood start screaming with joy when they hear his “singing,” and Pluto hams it up for the audience. Near the end of the performance, his ruse is almost exposed when the record starts skipping, but Pluto manages to quickly fix it and finish the song, with all the female dogs fainting from his crooning. The short ends with Pluto giving a smile to the audience.


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