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December 17

December 17, 1932 – The Mickey Mouse Short Film Mickey’s Good Deed is Released to Theaters


“Thank you! Merry Christmas!”

On December 17, 1932, the Mickey Mouse short film Mickey’s Good Deed was released to theaters. It was directed by Burt Gillett.

It’s a cold Christmas night, and Mickey is playing “O Come All Ye Faithful” on the cello while passersby throw him coins in his tin cup. Pluto howls along with Mickey’s playing, and the two are pleased that they have enough money to get something to eat. However, they find that people have been throwing them nuts and bolts instead of money, and are unable to buy any food. Mickey is discouraged, but cheers up quickly when he gets the idea to play outside of a rich person’s house. Inside the house, a spoiled piglet is loudly whining while his father and the butler try to entertain him. Suddenly, the piglet is distracted by Pluto’s howling outside, and demands that his father buy him the dog. The butler pursues Mickey and Pluto, but Mickey refuses to sell Pluto, as Pluto is his pal. Unfortunately, in the chase, Mickey’s cello is destroyed by a passing horse-drawn sled.

After seeing the poverty-stricken single mother and her several children, Mickey and Pluto are driven to tears

After seeing the poverty-stricken single mother and her several children, Mickey and Pluto are driven to tears

Mickey soon spies a woman crying in a dilapidated shack, and realizes that the money could help her and her several children for Christmas, and sells Pluto to the butler, provided that they give him a good home. Inside the home, the piglet starts abusing Pluto, hitting him with a hammer and chasing after him with a toy train. Meanwhile, Mickey uses the money to buy gifts for the children, and pretends to be Santa while packing their stockings. He wakes up the children as he leaves, and the children are delighted to find that Santa found them. Back at the hose, the piglet is causing even more havoc, with his father and the butler unable to stop him. The father is at his wits end, and decides to throw Pluto out. As the piglet whines, the father finally gives the piglet a long-overdue spanking. Pluto leaves the house and reunites with Mickey, and the two are pleased to find that the will have Christmas dinner, as the piglet tied a turkey to Pluto’s tail.

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