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November 18

November 18, 1932 – The Short Film Parade of the Award Nominees Premieres at the Academy Awards


On November 18, 1932, the special short film Parade of the Award Nominees premiered at the 5th Academy Awards, held at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, California. This ceremony also introduced short films within the Oscar categories, with Disney’s Flowers and Trees winning the first Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film and being the first color winner. Parade of the Award Nominees was created specifically for the banquet, and the first short that showed Mickey Mouse in color. Pluto is also shown in color, but is a grey-ish brown rather than his standard yellow. Disney Legend Joe Grant was hired by the studio to create the caricatures of the actors for the short, and would remain at Disney for over 70 years.

Mickey is seen in a bandleader’s uniform, leading a parade which begins with Minnie holding a sing that says “Parade of the Award Nominees.” After three trumpeting pigs and a percussion set march by, a carpet is rolled out, with Clarabelle Cow throwing flowers on the ground for the actors to walk on. The first actor is Wallace Beery, for his role in The Champ, with costar Jackie Cooper. Following the two is Lynn Fontanne and Alfred Lunt for their roles in The Guardsman, and Helen Hayes for The Sin of Madelon Claudet. Next is Fredric March, who transforms to a hideous monster, as he represents his role as the titular Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Last but not least is Marie Dressler for her role in Emma, who is followed by Pluto, who has “The End” on a flag tied to his tail.

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