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November 11

November 11, 1946 – The Donald & Goofy Short Film Frank Duck Brings ‘em Back Alive is Released to Theaters


“Wanted – wild men. That ought to get me a wild man.”

On November 11, 1946, the Donald & Goofy short film Frank Duck Brings ‘em Back Alive was released to theaters. This is the fifth short of the series starring Donald and Goofy, with six released overall. The short was directed by Jack Hannah, with story by Dick Kinney.

The short begins in the jungle, where “wild man” Goofy is swinging on the vines gracefully, performing various tricks. He soon spies a boat in the nearby river, and watches as it parks on the river’s edge. Donald, going under the guise of Frank Duck, posts up a sign on a nearby tree, announcing that he’s looking for wild men to join the circus. Goofy then decides to leap from the tree with a knife, ready to attack Frank. Unfortunately, as he falls, the rest of the attachments on his Swiss army knife fall out, and as he fixes it, he face-plants deep into the jungle floor.

Frank tries to retrieve the contract, but is unable to grab it before Goofy devours it

Frank tries to retrieve the contract, but is unable to grab it before Goofy devours it

Frank asks Goofy to sign the contract, but as he doesn’t know how to sign, he just scribbles on the dotted line before emptying the pen’s ink onto the paper and eating it like a sandwich. Frank tries to retrieve the contract, but is pushed back by Goofy’s leg. Frank is unable to chase after Goofy, and instead tries to bribe him with food. Goofy is finally tempted by a strawberry shortcake, and falls into Frank’s trap, catching him in a cage. As Frank carries the wild man away, the cage breaks off from its bottom, and Goofy is free, unbeknownst to Frank. Frank then sails away, realizing a bit too late that he’s lost his wild man, and hurries back to catch him again. Goofy takes to the vines again, but ends up tangling himself on a vine and tree branch. Unfortunately, Frank is still unable to catch him, and the chase continues through the jungle. Frank chases Goofy into a lion’s den, and both are soon pursued by the lion. Goofy escapes in Frank’s boat, and Frank is left to become the wild man of the jungle.


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